Anytime tickets

Anytime tickets provide complete flexibility on the time you can travel and greater flexibility for the date on which you can travel.

Anytime Day Single and Day Return tickets are valid for use on the date displayed on the ticket.

Anytime Single tickets are valid for travel on the date shown on the ticket and for the next day. Please note that whilst the ticket has two day validity this does not mean travel can be made the day before the date displayed on the ticket.

Anytime Return tickets are valid for travel for 5 days for your outbound ticket. This is 5 days after the valid from date on your ticket, i.e. the date you choose for outbound ticket in the journey planner. Your return ticket entitles you to return within one calendar month.

Anytime tickets also allow you to break your journey at different stations along your route.

Anytime tickets may be restricted to a specific route or for travel on the services of a specific Train Operating Company. To check this before purchasing, hover over the ticket price on our fares page when placing your booking. For an example of the types of restrictions you may encounter, please click here.

**Sometimes there may be a restriction on the route you can take with your Off Peak and Anytime tickets. An example of this would be the instruction “not via London.” To see any restrictions for your ticket before you purchase, hover over the ticket price when selecting your fare, this will display any restrictions. Where there are no restrictions you will see the text “Valid on any permitted route.” These restrictions will also be conveyed in your confirmation email and on your ticket.

In instances where more than one Train Operating Company operates on a particular route, you may see that your ticket permitted for use on one specific company’s services. An example of this would be for travel between Birmingham and London, where you could travel on one of Virgin Trains or London Midland.